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Skye Mariam Liepyte

Skye is passionate about helping people to overcome anxiety, nurture their self-esteem and become more comfortable with their emotions.

Linda Smith

Linda will greet you with compassion, empathy and respect at all times.  You will feel heard, considered and valued. You will have her undivided attention which will be confidential, non-judgmental and supportive of your autonomy

Jen Grant

Jen is experienced in offering psychodynamic counselling to individuals, online and in person, with a focus on providing a confidential, empathic and accepting space to explore the issues  bringing you to therapy.  

Brenda Vincent

Brenda works in collaboration with you to help you identify what you want from therapy and how you may achieve it.

Neil Sproul

Neil offers a warm and non-judgemental space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Early morning appointments are available from 7am onwards.

Donald Ashburn, Person-centred Counsellor

Donald works with a wide range of clients and will provide you with a safe and confidential space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings and concerns.

Martin Innes

Martin is a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist who can help you to explore unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that are difficult to live with.

Fazila Dawson

Fazila is a qualified relationship counsellor, who works with both couples and individuals experiencing a range of issues affecting their relationships and personal well-being.

Dr Lindsey Macleod

Lindsey has worked in mental health services as a clinical psychologist with children and young people, families, parents and carers and professionals for over 20 years.

Lorna Henderson

Lorna provides a safe place for her clients so that they feel valued and are able to explore the reasons for accessing counselling. 

Lee Grode, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Lee provides a welcoming, safe and confidential environment where you can explore what is troubling you and find ways of overcoming these issues.

Francesca Howell

Francesca is an experienced therapist and person centred counsellor. She offers both short and long term counselling.

Constanza Aranguren

Constanza offers open-ended psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

Juanita Hunter, Person-Centred Counsellor

Juanita likes to provide a supportive space that enables you to connect to yourself, explore, detangle and discover your own patterns of behaviour, thus allowing for change and personal growth, a new perspective that allows you to move forward.

Jen Grant

Jen is a creative and dynamic practitioner who works integratively to find the best approach for each client.

Rosina Heiman Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Rosina has 15 years’ experience of helping people with a wide variety of issues and from different cultures and backgrounds.

Martin McDonald

The juggling act of modern life, having too many balls in the air, can be exhausting. Counselling offers you a time to rest that load, maybe even leave some of it with your counsellor.

Rachel Dimond, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

Rachel is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and has been working as a therapist since 2006. In that time Rachel has gained a wealth of experience working with clients with a wide range of issues.

Aasma Mohammad-Smith

Aasma is an experienced Psychodynamic therapist offering individual counselling in a safe, non-judgemental space

Lorna Allport, Person-centred Counsellor

Lorna is positive and passionate about the benefits of counselling and would aim to work with you collaboratively to meet your individual needs.

Dr Johanna Pronk

Johanna is an experienced Clinical Psychologist who can offer a safe place to think about and clarify your difficulties and explore alternative and positive ways to address these.

Katarina Simonovicova

Katarina offers you a space to explore your current situation in relation to events and repeating themes in your life.

Ross Chalmers

Ross provides a safe and supportive place for clients where you can feel valued and able to explore your reasons for coming to counselling.

Dr Sarah Luczaj

Sarah is an experienced Person-centred Counsellor, who also offers focusing, which is a gentle, bodily-based technique that can help when words are not enough.

Robert Backai

Robert can help you explore and seek solutions to areas of life you are finding difficult or challenging, be it emotional difficulties, life transitions or solving problems.

Christine King

Christine is a person-centred counsellor. She is committed to building a collaborative and trusting relationship with you so that you can freely express and explore whatever it is you need from counselling.

Victoria Murray

Victoria offers a friendly and understanding space for you to work on thoughts and feelings that are leading to unhappiness and distress.