COVID-19 Support

These are very stressful times for a lot of people and we recognise the importance of doing as much as possible to ensure our mental health and well-being remain in good shape.

We are working hard to keep the centre a safe place to come to and to make sure that we are able to provide the support that we know people need at this time. We have carried out a detailed risk assessment and put in place very thorough procedures to make sure that the centre complies with the Scottish Government guidelines and with the guidelines of the professional bodies of our therapists.

Most of our therapists offer face-to-face counselling or consultations and many also offer sessions by phone or online via for example, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and Zoom.

Please see our list below –  click on the individual therapist’s name to find out more about the various issues with which they can help:

Lee Groden  Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (face-to-face, phone and via Zoom)
Lindsey Macleod Clinical Psychologist (face-to-face and online)
Christine King Person-Centred and Emotion- Focused Counsellor (face-to-face and Zoom)
Sarah Luczaj Person-Centred Counsellor and Reiki Therapist (face-to-face, Skype and Zoom)
Donald Ashburn Person-Centred Counsellor (face-to-face, phone and video)
Aasma Mohammad-Smith Psychodynamic Counsellor (face-to-face, phone and Skype)
Johanna Pronk Clinical Psychologist (face-to-face, phone and Zoom)
Rachel Dimond Solution Focused Hypnotherapist (face-to-face and Zoom)
Lorna Henderson Psychodynamic Counsellor (face-to-face and phone)
Lorna Allport Person-Centred Counsellor (face-to-face, phone, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype and Zoom)
Rosina West Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (face-to-face and video)
Martin McDonald Person-Centred Counsellor (face-to-face, phone, Skype and Zoom)
Fazila Dawson Relationship Counsellor (face-to-face, Zoom and Skype)
Jen Grant Art Psychotherapist (face-to-face, phone and video call)
Neil Sproul Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (face-to-face and Zoom)
Brenda Vincent Pluralistic Counsellor (face-to-face, phone and Zoom)
Skye Mariam Liepyte Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (face-to-face and Skype)
Ross Chalmers Psychodynamic Counsellor (face-to-face and Zoom)
Robert Backai Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (face-to-face, phone and Zoom)
Victoria Murray Person-Centred Counsellor (face-to-face and Zoom)
Martin Innes  Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (face-to-face)
Constanza Aranguren Psychoanalyst (face-to-face and Zoom)
Linda Smith Integrative Counsellor (face-to-face, by phone or online)
Juanita Hunter Person-Centred Counsellor (face-to-face, phone, online, Zoom and outdoor walking)
Katarina-Simonovicova Psychodynamic Counsellor, Psychologist (face-to-face, phone).

Southside Counselling and Therapy Centre is not an emergency service.
Our counsellors see people by appointment only and we are unable to offer counselling free of charge at this time.  If you are in need of immediate or urgent help, please contact one of the organisations below who should be able to help you:

Contact your GP
Or, if out-of-hours, call 111 for NHS24

Breathing Space
0800 83 85 87
Open Monday to Thursday 6pm to 2am, and all weekend (Friday 6pm to Monday 6am). Helpline service for people feeling low, overwhelmed or finding it difficult to cope.

Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH)
Scotland’s National Mental Health Charity
Call 0344 800 0550, available 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, except on Bank Holidays.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde – NHS Mental Health Support
Here you will find mental health advice, and information on mental health conditions, about how you can support yourself or the people you care for, the services available for you and the range of interventions you may participate in.

Social Work Emergency Service
0800 731 6969
Emergency out-of-hours social work service.

116 123
Open 24/7.  Support for anyone who is in distress or who needs someone to talk to.

0300 304 7000
Open 4.30pm til 10.30pm daily. Emotional support for anyone affected by mental illness, including families and carers.