What is Psychodynamic Counselling

Psychodynamic Counselling is one of the major traditions within modern-day psychotherapy. Its aim is to help us increase self-awareness, insight and understanding around the reasons for our difficulties both past and present.

How does Psychodynamic Counselling work?

As our awareness and insight develops so does our capacity to cope with current and future difficulties. In Psychodynamic therapy we recognise that we develop ways in which to deal with difficult or unacceptable aspects of ourselves and others, with this in mind, we look to understand some of those defence mechanisms and other unconscious processes that unfold during therapy.  In Psychodynamic therapy we understand that we all have a need for a secure attachment, psychodynamic therapy seeks to provide a consistent, reliable, contained therapeutic relationship from which to work from.

Who is Psychodynamic Counselling suitable for?

Psychodynamic therapy is suitable for those who are seeking to gain some understanding of themselves, their past and their current experiences in life.

What issues or problems are suited to Psychodynamic Counselling?

Psychodynamic approaches have been valuable in understanding and resolving a range of emotional, relational and psychological struggles.

How many sessions will I have?

Therapy can be either short or long term, this will be discussed with your therapist. Some people find they can work through and begin to make sense of their difficulties in the short term and that is enough, however, working longer term can lead to significant developmental and emotional changes in oneself.

Psychodynamic counsellors at Southside Counselling and Therapy Centre: