Reiki Master and person-centred counsellor Dr Sarah Luczaj.

Dr Sarah Luczaj

Reiki Master Therapist
07955 679744

Sessions cost £60 and last 60 minutes. Sarah offers Reiki sessions long distance, over Skype

About Sarah

Sarah is a Reiki Master (she holds first, second and third degree Reiki qualifications) with over twenty years’ experience of successfully helping many different people with issues ranging from emotional concerns and anxiety to serious illness, chronic pain, menstrual issues, back and joint problems. She is also trained to offer individual Reiki attunements/empowerments for those who want to learn to practise Reiki themselves, or to develop their Reiki further.

Author of The Chi Book: Reiki from the Roots (Wayward Publications, 2020), Sarah uses chanting in her Reiki sessions (if the client doesn’t mind!) according to traditional practice. Her work is enhanced by trainings in Taoist meditation and energy healing, as well as Buddhist practices. Sarah also works as a counsellor at Southside Counselling and Therapy Centre.

Reiki can help with

  • Stress, anxiety, worry, overthinking
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches, stomach pains, backaches
  • General immune system issues
  • Emotional recovery from difficult life events and transitions
  • IBS and other problems with digestion
  • Problematic periods
  • Menopausal symptoms

You can feel free to give as much or as little information as you like about what brings you to the session. Sarah is happy to concentrate on the areas you specify, and use your own intentions for healing, or to use her own intuition and Reiki techniques to pick up which areas need attention.


I was skeptical about energy healing until I received a few sessions from Sarah for my chronic lower back pain.

During one particular session, I literally felt growing pains and felt that my bones are being regenerated and adjusted. It was like having a painless operation.

After that, my lower back pain, the whole injury that plagued me for years started to heal. It was always better from then on’ M. October 2020

Getting Reiki from Sarah was one of the best decisions I made when I got stuck in life some time ago. Her motto ‘moving you forward’ is spot on. I have been moved forward in many ways! Each time I went for a session I felt safe and welcomed. I would leave it feeling calm and grounded. I still remember this one time when there was a shift in my perception and I received a clear answer to what was bothering at that time. Everything became clear and simple. New opportunities came my way around that time as well. I’m very grateful I found Sarah. She is a wonderful human being with a vision and true passion for helping others re-remembering their unique path’.  A. October 2020

When I started receiving Reiki treatments from Sarah several months ago, I was extremely burned out and depleted. Each Reiki session has energised me and enabled me to retain more energy cumulatively. Reiki is the cornerstone of replenishing my energy stores and creative spark. The quality of my energy has changed too. I feel refreshed, uplifted and yet calm after a Reiki session. K. October 2020.

Sarah also offers meditation instruction/guided meditation sessions, using a blend of Buddhist and Taoist practices, to help with anxiety, depression and emotional overload.

Book your appointment with Sarah

Reiki Sessions last for an hour and cost £60.  Concessions are available, please ask. Sessions may be in person, or long distance, in which case we check in on Zoom before the healing session begins.

Meditation sessions last 50 minutes and cost £50