Mae Thomas

Reiki Therapist

Mae received first and second degree Reiki qualifications in 2007.  She recognises from her background in social work and psychodynamic counselling that unresolved emotional issues and physical/emotional trauma can often result in pain caused by a blockage of healing energy being able to flow freely through the body.  Reiki uses gentle, non-intrusive hand movements to free this blocked energy and allow it to flow where it is needed to heal.

Reiki is a very effective way of becoming relaxed and balanced in body and mind. It works as a stand-alone treatment but also can work extremely well in complementing counselling.  Mae has used Reiki to help people with a range of issues such as

  • anxiety
  • recovery from serious illness
  • severe pain from joint/back problems
  • menstrual issues

Mae also works as a Psychodynamic Counsellor at Southside Counselling and Therapy Centre.

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Sessions last an hour and cost £45